We consider books for book-buyback on Thursdays from 2pm-6pm; you do not need an appointment. We might offer cash or store credit. NO DONATIONS ACCEPTED.

While we buy books in a variety of subject areas, we prefer the following: 



  • Scholarly titles and university presses


  • Art Books – the more specific the better


  • History – especially Civil War and Pennsylvania topics


  • Famous authors - books they wrote, criticism, theory


  • Rare or antiquarian books – including ephemera, maps, interesting manuscripts, and prints


  • Uncommon titles in interesting subject areas



  • Fiction – unless it is recent (published in the last three years), in demand and in good condition. Otherwise most fiction titles are published in large quantities and already widely available in the used-book marketplace.


  • Mass market paperbacks – these books are not generally designed to stand the test of time. Condition and appearance are very important.


  • “Old books” - unless they are rare or collectible, being old does not necessarily make a book valuable. It must still be in demand and be of interest to today’s readers.


  • Damaged Books – meaning those that are dirty, very worn, water damaged, or missing parts.


  • College and high school textbooks – unless they are the most recent edition.


  • Magazines, Encyclopedias, or DVDs. 



  • Unless we can sell the book for more than seven dollars, we will likely only pay $1 or less. If we can sell the book for more than $10, we will offer you a reasonable percentage of our perceived retail price. We pay by check or store credit (and will offer even more for the latter).


  • We cannot give you an accurate value of a book over the phone or based on a written or oral description; we have to see a book in person.


  • We only make house calls by appointment and for large and unusual collections. Please inquire by phone at (717) 236-1680 or email to [email protected] if you have any questions.